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Why study in Switzerland ?

Switzerland has twelve public universities offering a wide range of first-rate educational opportunities to national and international students. ETH Zurich and EPFL, the two federal institutes of technology, are world leaders in science and engineering education, and research. The ten cantonal (state) universities not only provide comprehensive courses in diverse fields of study, but also conduct cutting-edge research. Scientists in Switzerland produce research of the highest quality worldwide, i.e. with the largest number of citations per publication. So, research-based master’s and Ph.D. degrees from a Swiss university offer a good starting point for an academic career.Excellent programs providing applied education are offered by the eight universities of applied sciences and the fifteen universities of teacher education. Moreover, Switzerland is home to several outstanding special institutes in the areas of international affairs, public administration, finance, and hotel management. There is a vast choice of educational opportunities for international students with many programs, especially at the master’s degree and Ph.D. levels, taught in English.Studying in Switzerland means: * High-quality education * World-leading research environment * Low tuition fees (the universities are mainly publicly funded) * Wide spectrum of study programs * Many study programs in English * Ph.D. candidates are paid workforce * Low student/faculty ratio and small working groups * Excellent facilitiesApart from that,Switzerland is an excellent location for living, studying, and working. It is located in the heart of Europe and its cultural variety, beautiful landscape, and innovative environment offer first-class surroundings both for your well-being and career advancement. Certainly, chocolate and mountains will be part of your experience, but you will quickly discover the country’s international setting offers numerous premium opportunities for studying and researching. – See more at: http://astonconsultancy.com/country/switzerland/why-study-in-switzerland-.html#sthash.9GLFImMo.dpuf