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Why Singapore ?

Singapore consists of one main island and 60-plus smaller islands and islets, and is populated by people of Chinese, Malay, Indian and European descent. Each group has added its own art, architecture and culinary traditions to the overall culture of Singapore, creating a fascinating backdrop for students in search of a memorable study abroad experience.

Singapore has the highest rate of literacy in the world. The education in Singapore is managed by the Ministry of Education. The ministry directs the education policy, controls the administration and development of state schools and maintains a supervisory and advisoryrole in private schools.

English has been incorporated as the first language in Singapore along with other mother tongues being taught as second languages. The bilingual policy and the merit-based educational system have proved to be distinctly successful in creating students who have excelled in international competitions in debating, mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology.

Among the various destinations for Indian students who want to study abroad, Singapore has steadily gained a reputation as a foremost international study destination. Many Indian students opt to study in Singapore and enjoy learning in one of the world’s leading international and commercial hubs.