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Visa Process UK

There are quite a few documents that have to be furnished when applying for Students Visa for studying in the United Kingdom. To be granted astudent visa you must satisfy the visa requirements and comply with a number of visa conditions for attendance and academic performance which come into effect after you have entered United Kingdom. Your student visa will list the conditions that apply specifically to you. It is important to comply with your visa conditions to avoid visa cancellation. Student visas are normally granted for an initial period of one year, usually determined by the length of the course to be studied.

As a student seeking a visa you will have to produce various documents to show that you fulfill the Immigration Rules for students, e.g. evidence of adequate funding, educational certificates and information from your place of study.

  • A letter of acceptance on the course. This will be a letter from your institution confirming that a place has been offered to you and that the course is full-time as defined by the Immigration Rules. The letter should state how long the course will last. Where your course is more advanced or specialized, the letter should also state what level of English is needed for the course (giving minimum test marks, if appropriate) and confirm that you satisfy this requirement.
  • Evidence that you can pay the course fees and support yourself and your family, if applicable. Depending on your circumstances, this could include evidence of government sponsorship, a letter from a sponsor in the UK confirming they can support you, together with evidence that they can do this, and/or your own bank statements. You should also provide a letter from your place of study stating the full cost of the course, what arrangements are acceptable for payment and whether you have already paid fees or a deposit.
  • Accommodation. Although the Immigration Rules do not require unaccompanied students to show that accommodation has been arranged, your place of study may have given you information about its availability, and you should bring this to the attention of the ECO.