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FAQs about Germany

Q1.) What quality of education is there in germany ?
Ans. The standard of teaching and research in German universities is ranked among one of the best institutions in the world.

Q2.) Is it compulsary to learn german language to study in Germany?
Ans.Programs are exclusively taught in English. Therefore German language skills are not a prerequisite for starting your studies. If you are willing to learn German, you also have the opportunity to join the German Language Courses at the University, which are free of charge. A good command of German will expand your advantage on the job market in case you consider working for one of the approx. 700 German companies in India.

Q3.) Is immigration possible in germany?
Ans. Since 2002 Germany has a new immigration law. As a foreign student you will receive a study visa. With this visa you are allowed to work 90 days or 180 half days in a calendar year. This right is not restricted for campus jobs like in the US. After your graduation you have the right to stay in Germany for one year. During this time you can concentrate on job-hunting. A permanent residence permit will be guaranteed after having been successful in finding a job.

Q4.) Where can we get more information on education in germany?
Ans. Information on study and research in Germany :