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About Singapore


Singapore is made up of one main island with 63 surrounding islets only 42km wide, the main island has a total land area of 682sq km.


The local currency in Singapore is Singapore Dollars.


Singapore is a parliamentary republic, with president, a Prime Minister & two deputy Prime Minister. The ruling party is the people’s Action party. The current president is Mr. SR Nathan.


It lies just one degree north of the Equator at the Southern tip of Malaysia, south-east Asia.


It is quite a melting pot – a multi-racial, multi-cultural & multi-lingual society of friendly people. You get to meet people from lots of different countries & cultures. Of its population of 4.4 million, 77% are Chinese, 14% are Malays, 8% Indians & 2% other races.


There are 4 official languages in Singapore, Malays, Mandarin, Tamil & English. English is the main language of business & administration & is widely spoken & understood.


Singapore is hot & humid all year round. Daily temperatures range from 23-33 degree Celsius. November till the end of Jan sees the heaviest rainfall. The hottest period is from May to August. Average humidity is 84% but for those who do not enjoy the tropical climate, Singapore is sheltered from the worst effects of the sun with AC in almost all its shops, hotels, office buildings & restaurants.


Central business district, Bukit timah, Jurong, Changi, Orchard, Bedok, Wooklands etc.


While there are fancy restaurants offering every kind of cuisine, there are also fast food chains, hawker centres where you can have a very satisfying meal for a few dollars. You can have Chinese noodles, with an Indian curry & a Malay side dish followed by a French dessert.


It is a clean, modern & green. The city is lush with greenery & it’s also impeccably clean. There are strict rules on littering here so you rarely see rubbish on the streets or graffiti on walls. The frenetic by 1040 hectares of scenic parks, nature reserves & beaches. Environs of botanical gardens, Bukit timah nature reserve, Sungei Buloh nature park, the world – acclaimed Zoological gardens & the night safari are hard to miss, Jurong bird park etc.


Singapore has grown from a tiny fishing village to a thriving centre of commerce & Industry. Its has the busiest port in the world serving over 600 shipping lines & one of its major oil refining & distribution centres. It is an important supplier of electronic components & a leader in ship building & repairing, Singapore’s strategic position has helped it to grow into a major centre for finance, communication & tourism. Singapore has an airport served by more than 69 airlines. 91% literacy.


The public transport system is excellent. You will rarely be caught in a traffic jam. MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) trains are the most fastest & convenient way of traveling. MRT operates a network of trains serving 51 stations. You will get a taxi any where in Singapore.